Q: Which input sources are supported?
Thanks to the direct capturing technology (developed by us) you can use all sources which are displayed on the TV screen.  Don’t worry about audio/video features like HDMI/HDR/ARC/CEC/Dolby/3D/HDCP and so on. AmbiVision PRO will work always.

Q: Do I need to configure the device before using?
It depends. You need to enter your local network password and SSID to be able to control the device remotely. Then, you just need to verify whether a screen tracker result is proper and correct it if needed. Then, if you really want, you can adjust the brightness, colors gamma/curves, positions of sensing areas, eyestrain reduction, custom profile, Philips HUE lights and more.

Q: What’s the difference between RGB and RGBW LED strip?
Standard RGB LED strip uses a 3-in-1 LED chip made up of red, green, and blue chips. It produces a wide range of colors by mixing the three and gives a white light with all the three channels driven using maximum power. The RGB+W LED strip uses a 4-in-1 LED chip with an additional white chip and basics chips: red, green, and blue. The RGB LED strip is a little bit cheaper, and it is good for smaller screens. With larger screens, white color is not so good as a separated white channel. This separated chip provides pure and bright white light along a whole LED strip.

Q: Does the system adjust to the black bars automatically?
Yes, the AmbiVision uses a unique algorithm that detects black bars on the top and bottom of the screen and moves capture color areas on the active regions of the screen.

Q: Can my remote control work with AmbiVision?
If your remote control is based on infrared emitting, it will work. Only remote controllers based on radios are not supported. You can still use our Android or iOS (AmbiVision Wizard) app to control the lights.

Q: Could I update the firmware of the device when a new version is released?
Yes. It takes about 15 minutes and requires to press a button on the SmartPhone app.

Q: Do I have to turn off the device after I turning off the screen?
No. It happens automatically. AmbiVision PRO recognizes a lack of video signals and switches to low power mode. You can still turn on the mood mode by the SmartPhone App or remote control.

Q: Does the device support the latest HDCP and other audio/video features?
Yes. It does not matter what you use. The device capture screen directly using fisheye (180 deg) camera, therefore it is really independent what you use.

Q: Can I extend the LED strip myself?
Yes. AmbiVision controls to max. 250 LEDs. It is too much for any screen, but people have unbelievable imagination.

Q: Does it support multiple screen modes?
One device can be connected to one screen. Thus, if you want to use AmbiVision for more screens, you have to use one device for each screen.

Q: Does AmbiVision work regardless of the operating system/some plugins?
Yes. It doesn’t use any application, thus the operating system is irrelevant.

Q: How to compute a number of needed LEDs?
Use the simple formula: DIAGONAL SIZE (INCHES) X 2.4

Q: Where we ship?
Everywhere. You can choose between the Standard and Express shipping method. Local import taxes may apply. Depending on your location we include an appropriate power plug adapter (EU/US/UK/AU).

Q: How can I order?
Place an order and our website and pay via PayPal or make a bank transfer. We will notify you about receiving payment and shipping the item via email.