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    AmbiVision is the first really standalone ambient lighting device


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    No AmbiVision


    AmbiVision technology


Reduce eyestrain

Spent more time with your videos safe!


Cinema-like mood

Create a unique and amazing atmosphere


Visualize music

Rock, classic, jazz? With AmbiVision your music sounds better

Simple is awesome


AmbiVision is a smart content-driven ambient lighting system.This technology enlarges the screen by projecting a glow of light from 4 sides of the back of the screen onto the surrounding wall.


Just plug a video signal into AmbiVision, and a high performance DSP processor adjusts the best processing properties needed to drive the lights without any delays. All multimedia devices equipped with a video output are supported! That is made possible, because AmbiVision doesn't need an external software or external device for a video processing.



Contemporary monitors and TV's are modernly designed. Therefore, AmbiVision has to be designed in a modern and minimalistic style as well.





AmbiVision's secret

Imagination and hardware composition is a key thing. Let's get to the features you want to know:


Reduction of eyestrain Really smart No limitations

During dark to bright scene changes, the pupil of the eye reacts by decreasing its’ diameter twice over within 5 seconds for better eye protection. When the scene changes from bright to dark, your pupil needs to increase its diameter from up to 180 seconds for clearer vision in the dark. In every movie, scenes switch from dark to bright hundreds of times. The result is that the muscles of your eyes are in constant tension which can lead to vision impairment.

Using AmbiVision , the muscles of your eyes are less strained therefore your eyes don't get tired while spending long periods of time in front of the screen.



This device has a smart system of adjusting screen properties to the connected source. After the plug input signal, the device computes the best and the most efficient processing properties to pixels grabbing. Due to this, it provides support for all screens regardless of the resolution and video standard.

Thanks to a wall-adaptive function, the color of the light is perfectly aligned with the screen picture, regardless of the wall color.




Natively the input is VGA, which allows us to create an affordable and easy extandable kit. VGA input allows use minimum external components in the best economical way. We tested various connection scenarios to achieve cooperation with almost all tuners(i.e: Dreambox), PCs, TVs, Embedded Solutions (i.e: Raspberry Pi, Android based devices), Projectors, Games Consoles and much more.





Fully standalone Easy installation New experience

It is the first really standalone device connected by the all video input standards like: VGA, HDMI, S-Video, Composite, Component etc.. Because of this, it doesn’t require any extra skills, no configuration files and compatibility problems. AmbiVision supports all screens up to 100 inches diagonally, and captures the screen from all games, video players, applications etc...



The installation of AmbiVision is very simple and takes only 6-8 minutes depending on your screen size. The self-adhesive RGB LED strip is only 10 mm wide, and is flexible and bendable. You can stick it to the 4 sides of your screen and bend it at the edges easily. The adhesive material on the strip is good quality and reusable. You can remove it and transfer the strip to another monitor. 

AmbiVision creates a cinema-like atmosphere while watching the news, movies or games due to an impression that the picture surrounds you from each side and significantly increases the size of the screen. It's an especially great thing for 3D screens for enhancing a 3D experience. Add a new dimension to your viewing experience with AmbiVision.


Remote control Go To Sleep...safely Black bars detection

By the touch keys or programmable infrared remote control you can enable a mood mode: static or fluently changing colors, which reduces your energy cost by replacing the lighting in the whole room to energy efficient LED lights behind a screen.


When you turn off the screen, AmbiVision lights up for 10/30/60 seconds to escort you safely to bed. Obviously you can still control the lights by remote control or touch buttons when you need.



DSP chip analyzes video stream in real time. We use this feature to recognize black bars while watching movies and automatically adjust capturing areas.




Why we are different?


Now some solutions are available, but all require a PC software, so the field of use is limited. Additionally software does not capture the screen while gaming or fullscreen applications are on. Some solutions need extra plugins which require expert knowledge to make configuration files properly.



 Q: Which input sources are supported?
VGA is default inputs, but with suitabled converter you can use almost all inputs (HDMI, SCART, S-Video,DVI etc.)

Q: Do I need to configure the device before using?
Yes. You only need to enter the number of LEDs on each side of the screen. Then, if you need, you can adjust the brightness, colors gamma, positions of sensing areas, smart black bars detection and set the turn on time of "go to sleep" light.

Q: Can my remote control work with AmbiVision?
If your remote control is based on infrared emitting, it will work. Only remote controllers based on radios are not supported.

Q: Could I update firmware of device when a new version is released?
Yes. It takes 2 minutes and requires basic knowledge of computers.

Q: Do I have to turn off the device after I turning off the screen?
No. It happens automatically. AmbiVision recognizes a lack of video signals and switches to low power mode. You can still turn on the mood mode by the touch keys or remote control.

Q: Does the device support HDCP?
Yes. The HDMI->VGA converter of the connectivity pack supports HDCP. If we meet an embedded HDMI input goal, we will also support HDCP.

Q: Can I extend the LED strip myself?
Yes. AmbiVision controls max. 250 LEDs. It is too much for any screen, but people have unbelievable imagination...

Q: Does it support multiple screen modes?
One device can be connected to one screen. Thus, if you want to use AmbiVision for more screens, you have to use one device for each screen.

Q: Does AmbiVision work regardless of the operating system/some plugins?
Yes. It doesn't use any application, thus the operating system is irrelevant.

Q: How to compute number of needed LEDs?
Use the simple formula: DIAGONAL SIZE (INCHES) X 2.4

Q: Where we ship?
Everywhere. Free priority shipping for all backers regardless of the destination. Local import taxes may apply. Depending on your location we include an appropriate power plug adapter (EU/US/UK/AU) and a warranty card with a 1 year period

Q: How can I order?
Anyone can order. You just need to have a PayPal account or bank account to pay the product. If you do not have a PayPal account but have a credit card, you can use the “Pay as guest” feature in PayPal.

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