Individually Addressable Pixel LED Strip

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Specially selected and redesign LED strip to allow better heat removal from the LEDs and the controller chip, which extends their lifetime.

Stick the LED strip to the backside of the TV, bend at the corners and cut off the excess strip. The LED controller will count your LEDs automatically and adjust to your screen size.


Lengths of the LED strips:

  • 150 LED – 5.00 m (196 in)
  • 200 LED – 6.66 m (262 in)
  • 250 LED – 8.33 m (327 in)

If you need a system for a screen bigger than 120 inches, please ask us about a custom kit.


  • model to choose from: the new enhanced WS2813 RGB or SK6812 (RGB and RGBW)
  • black PCB
  • LED chips: RGB or RGBW
  • voltage 5V
  • 30 LEDs per meter
  • IP30
  • 5050 SMD
  • self-adhesive tape at the backside
  • all needed plugs to connect to the AmbiVision kit

Additional information

Screen size

Up to 42" (100 LED), 26" – 64" (150 LED), 65" – 84" (200 LED), 85" – 120" (250 LED)

LED type

New Enhanced WS2813 RGB, SK6812 RGB, SK6812 RGBW

28 reviews for Individually Addressable Pixel LED Strip

  1. Miguel V.

  2. Anonymous

    Very bright

  3. juno

    Very bright and saturated colors. Good quality

  4. Rhyan W

  5. El Tio

  6. Sandro L


  7. Anonymous

    Very bright LED strip. Good quality

  8. Joe

    Excellent quality led strip

  9. Ryan D.

  10. Pascal M.

  11. Gary jones

  12. Anonymous

    Quality LEDs

  13. Matteo

    very bright

  14. Anonymous

    Light is amazing and bright. I love that I can change the brightness levels too depending on the day and how I’m feeling.

  15. Anonymous

    led strips attach fine on tv.

  16. Randy D

    Good quality led. Great consistency. Durable. A little better instructions on exactly where the contacts need to be when clamping connector would help many people

  17. Itor

  18. David F

    Good quality , good sticker , good britness !

  19. Giovanni B

    The led strip is easy to install and the light effects are incredible!

  20. Peter D.


  21. Karl G

    Easy to install and setup

  22. Jean-Luc TEMPEZ

  23. Christopher F

    Very good strip.. I purchased the RGB-W and its pretty bright on my bashe wall.

  24. Pascal M.

    They look cool and are pretty easy to put up. Directions could be a little better but overall, not bad.

  25. Sean F.

  26. Kateryna B.

  27. Steffen Falkenhagen

  28. Łukasz Nowak

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