AmbiVision PRO

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AmbiVision PRO

AmbiVision PRO is a smart content-driven ambient lighting system.

It is the first ambient lighting system that is able to capture a TV or monitor screen directly regardless of the video source. Thanks to the built-in camera, the AmbiVision PRO capture every screen with 60 FPS, analyze the screen edges and send it wirelessly to  the LED strip. Just put the controller in a convenient place facing towards the TV screen (max 5 meters distance). Thanks to the fisheye lens, you can place the controller close to the screen, even at a high angle. AmbiVision PRO automatically pairs with the LED strip and finds your screen where the LED strip is placed. Now, you can enjoy a cinema-like atmosphere while watching the news, movies, or games due to the impression that the picture surrounds you from every side while significantly increasing the size of the screen. 



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